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Studying physics enables you to look at hidden laws that explain why all matter and energy in the known universe exists, where it comes from and how it behaves the way it does. 

Physics will help you to build up your problem solving, research, and analytical skills. With these skills you’ll be able to test out new ideas plus question and investigate other people’s theories, which is useful for any kind of job that involves research or debate. 

Physics will support your study of other science and tech subjects, including chemistry, biology, engineering, geography and computer science. 

Physics is especially closely linked to maths, so studying the two together can improve your skills in both. It is also regarded as a 'facilitating subject'.

With physics you can go into many careers including lots of non physics careers such as management or finance. However, relevant careers include anything to do with building or developing new technology including architecture, engineering, astronomy, space exploration, games development and modelling the climate! 

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Check out more than 800 other job profiles, the above list is just a selection of jobs related to Physics, there will be loads more!

Jobs tagged with a leaf are green jobs that may be involved in producing goods or services that help to protect the environment and look after our natural resources.

Examples of apprenticeships that relate to physics:

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Examples of degree courses that relate to physics:

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You can watch a great series of videos of young people who are working in jobs that use science on the BBC Bitesize website.

Do a free, short, online course to find out more about working in Physics (looks great on your CV too!)

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