About Careerpilot

This website has been developed by the Western Vocational Progression Consortium (WVPC)


The Western Vocational Progression Consortium (WVPC) is a consortium of seven higher education institutions, collaborative colleges and training provider partners, in the northern sub-region of the South West. The WVPC aims to increase the progression of vocational adults and young people to higher level study through providing online, impartial information and support on the many routes to higher level study. Online support is provided through two, free to use websites:

Through legacy support from the South Western Lifelong Learning Network the WVPC is committed to ensuring the online resources are freely available across the whole South West region.

Careerpilot includes employer sector information previously included in the Aimhigher website  - Focus on Careers.

The WVPC is based at the University of Bath.

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The email address for the Careerpilot project manager is careerpilot@bath.ac.uk

If you have a query or complaint or have spotted a link that does not work or an inaccuracy, please do make contact: