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I want to earn lots of money

Are you motivated by a career with the potential to earn a lot of money?

These careers all have the potential to earn at least £65,000 per year, with some careers earning over £100,000.This is a lot more than the average salary of £31,000 per year!

Careers that are highly skilled and in demand are likely to earn the most money and the higher the level of qualifications you get, the more money you are likely to earn over your lifetime.

The job sectors that have the highest paying salaries in the UK are currently; medical, law, finance, data and software, IT management, engineering  and business.

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Check out more than 800 other job profiles. The above list is just a selection of jobs where earning lots of money will be valued, there will be loads more!

These job sectors might be good places to start if you want a job with the potential to earn lots of money, click through to the job profiles to find out the details.

Admin, HR, legal

Finance and accounting

Sales and marketing




Why not become self employed or start your own business?Things to consider if you want a career that can earn a lot of money

Do you dream of being the next Marcus Rashford, Ed Sheeran, Sky Brown or Clare Callery?

Would you like to do what you love and get paid for it? Whether it is writing and performing music, playing football, competing in skateboarding or Esports  - you will on average need to dedicate at least 10,000 hours to learning and practising the skills you need to get really good at something. You  are very likely to have to  overcome some big challenges along the way to be able to train, compete and perform at a level where you will get paid for what you do and also to deal with some of the pressures that come from being in the public spotlight. With all of the hours of commitment you are likely to have developed lots of strengths that employers value - such as motivation and resilience. Regardless of whether you make it into the Team GB squad or not! Do something because you enjoy it first and foremost, and make sure you keep working on your school subjects, so you have a back up career plan too. Be aware too, that even if you are at the top of your profession, you might not be getting a huge salary!

No 'get rich quick' with professional careers

Whether you want to be a surgeon, a barrister or a CEO of a global business - these careers don't happen overnight! They require you to work hard at school and play the long game. You are likely to need to gain relevant experience, degree level qualifications, extra professional qualifications and more experience - it can take a long time to get into these roles to be able to earn the higher level salaries.

Have an eye on future careers

Some careers [even well paid ones] maybe replaced in the future by automation. But there are sectors where there is likely to be demand for people to work, such as, engineering, technology and science based careers.  Other areas that are likely to see salary increases due to increase in demand are careers that are focussed on preventing climate change.

If you want to run your own business?

You can potentially make a lot of money if you come up with a solution, a new product or a service which people want or need.Check out more about self-employment.

There's more to life than money.

Don't just choose a career based on the money, as money doesn't always make you happy! You also need to consider what you like and are good at, as you will be working for 50 years or so (unless you earn enough to retire earlier!). Stay flexible and keep your eye on what is happening in the world as you could become an expert in an area of interest or develop a career that doesn't even exist at the moment, or come up with your own new solution to a world problem, such as, climate change!

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