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I want the freedom to work when and where I want

Anytime, any place, any where in the world.. the Digital Nomad

Does this sound like the life you want to live? Max is running a social media business but working from his home in Bristol and then for several months of the year he works in a sunny resort near the beach, in Thailand or Croatia. These 'digital nomads' as they are known enjoy the freedom to work any time, any place anywhere and usually rely on technology and a good WIFI connection to do their work remotely. They are often self employed. Examples of tech roles where you can work and live anywhere include; software developer, web designer, running your own e-business, computer programmer and vlogger.

Living and working in another country long term.

There are some careers where you may have the opportunity to work and live abroad, especially if you train in a career where there is high demand. For example if a country accepts your qualifications you could end up emigrating or living there long term. Jobs which are in demand include; vet, nursing, medicine, engineering and IT. 

You will need to check the immigration rules for each country as they publish a list of jobs and skills they are looking for. You may also need to check other requirements re: visas such as language proficiency, and you may also need to get a company to sponsor you into a job.

Examples of jobs where you can work all over the world.

  • You could be a holiday rep for a tour operator or working as a sail or ski instructor abroad.
  • Setting up the audio/ visuals at the Olympics for broadcasting.
  •  Working as a construction manager on a new building in Dubai.
  • Going on tour as the sound engineer or lighting designer for a band.
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language teacher in Tokyo.

 For all working abroad options make sure you check out on the country's website to find out what is required before you go! 

See more jobs... 

Check out more than 800 other job profiles. The above list is just a selection of jobs where working where and when you want could be valued, there will be loads more!

These job sectors might be good places to start if you want the freedom to work where and when you want, click through to the job profiles to find out the details.




Data & network

Social media

Software & systems

Gap year Options

If you are keen to go abroad before you have an established career, as part of a Gap year, what are your options? It is worth thinking about what skills you want to develop and where you want to do this. You can go from three weeks up to a year and the type of experiences vary depending on the country and what you are doing.

Some countries such as Australia offer short term visas you can apply for in the UK for young people who want to work there for up to a year.

More about Gap Years here

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