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I want to be adventurous in my work

What values and strengths does an adventurous person have?

Are you the sort of person who

  • Enjoys travelling to new places and meeting new people?
  • Likes undertaking challenging physical tasks and goals? 
  • Can work at heights, or in cramped spaces, underground, in the dark, or underwater? 
  • Is prepared to work in potentially risky situations?  
  • Can stay calm and make decisions in high pressure situations?
  • Is a practical problem solver?
  • Is a a good team player with a positive can do attitude?

If so you may enjoy an adventurous career.

These jobs often require specialised skills, such as navigating outdoors or operating complex machinery such as water craft. 

Choosing an adventurous job can provide you with exciting and fulfilling work, but it may come with risks.

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Check out more than 800 other job profiles The above list is just a selection of jobs where being adventurous will be valued, there will be loads more!

These job sectors might be good places to start if you want a job where you can be adventurous, there are adventurous jobs in lots of other sector too, click through to the job profiles to find out the details.

Armed forces




Marine careers

Port management

Ways to develop your skills for jobs involving adventure!

  • In your spare time get involved in relevant activities by joining organisations such as; Air cadets, Army cadets, Sea cadets or Police cadets. This provide a great opportunity to see if you like a specific job and learn some useful skills.
  • Find out where you can do the Duke of Edinburgh qualification. This is usually offered by your school or youth club to young people from Year 9/10. This is a fantastic qualification which enables you to gain skills in volunteering, team work and leadership and is highly respected in adventurous careers.
  • Other useful team building, leadership activities include; Scouts, NCS or volunteering for a charity or community group.
  • If you like the outdoors, look into useful  instructor qualifications in; canoeing, climbing, watersports, mountain biking, ski instructing or mountain leaders.
  • Some holiday companies offer training in outdoor qualifications to young people as part of an apprenticeship or Gap year job. e.g. PGL
  • If you live near the coast you could also train as a lifeguard for the RNLI, as a permanent or summer job helping people to stay safe in the sea.

Do you have what it takes to be a Royal Marine?

Become a RNLI Lifeguard

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