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Pathway Planner Tool - Gatsby Benchmark 8

CEC project: research, case studies, evaluation

Case studies, evaluation and research


A researcher, Ali Rouncefield-Swales, employed by Careerpilot through the CEC project, evaluated the project through face-to-face interviews with students, project leads and SLT links in all six pilot schools. The Final Report and Executive Summary are now available to download.

 Download; Executive summary

 Download Final Report: CEC Careerpilot Pathway Planner June 2020

Case Studies

As part of the CEC project, each of the six pilot schools and the project manager completed case studies, which explain an aspect of the project and provide 'top tips' to help other schools who are using the Pathway Planner.

The first case study provides an overview of the Careerpilot CEC funded project: Providing effective, whole-school guidance through a triage model.

Each case study can be downloaded by clicking on the green bar.

Further information about how to access the Pathway Planner is available, including a programme of free webinars.

 Download: Case study - Overview of the Careerpilot CEC funded project:

Case study 1: Matravers - How the three-stage Careerpilot Pathway Planner model and tools can engage tutors and parents.

 Download: Case study 1

Case Study 2: Lydiard Park Academy - The impact of training a staff member in the Level 6 Diploma in Careers Guidance on students, staff, SLT and the career programme 

 Download Case study 2

Case study 3: Oldfield School - Using the Careerpilot Pathway Planner as a strategic planning tool for personal guidance. 

 Download: Case study 3

Case study 4: Ralph Allen - How the Careerpilot Pathway Planner—preparation and follow-up stages—has improved guidance for Y11

 Download Case study 4

Case study 5: Brimsham Green How Careerpilot and Pathway Planner reports can enhance and target personal guidance to meet the individual needs of students

 Download: Case study 5

Case study 6: Ashton Park - How the Careerpilot website & Pathway Planner tool has helped develop a whole school careers programme

 Download Case study 6

Personal Guidance Fund Evaluation Report - conducted by the University of Derby

 Fund launched in 2018 with the aim of supporting the development of innovative, cost-effective models for delivering >span class="mark4i93joduu" data-ogac="" data-ogab="" data-ogsc="" data-ogsb="">personal careers guidance in schools and colleges. The Fund was based on What Works evidence about effective Personal Guidance approaches.   The independent evaluation of the fund, carried out by the University of Derby 2019-2021, investigated:    

1. The effectiveness of different approaches. 

2. Working with different beneficiary groups. 

3. The impact of personal guidance on students. 

4. The impact of training on staff and school/college career guidance

5. Key learning regarding scaling up, sustainability and best practice.   

The report presents the findings of the evaluation.

 Download: The University of Derby's case study - the use of triage (draft)