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Introducing Green Jobs

Green Jobs are Growing

Green Jobs are those involved in producing goods or services that help to protect the environment and look after our natural resources 

'The Government's commitment to achieving net zero emissions by 2050 will mean investment, and change, across the economy: from the decarbonisation of buildings and transport, to shifts in diet, aviation and industry.' Net Zero Jobs, Resolution Foundation

'There could be as many as 694,000 direct jobs employed in the low-carbon and renewable energy economy by 2030 in England, rising to over 1.18 million by 2050'. Local Green Jobs report, Local Governments Association

In order to support students to learn more about current Green Job opportunities, we have tagged a number of job profiles on Careerpilot that support the UK's move towards net zero and help to protect the natural environment. Students can now search directly for these Green Jobs from the Jobs section.

There is also lots of useful information on jobs and courses related to the Values of 'I want to prevent climate change' and 'I want to protect nature'

To support the interest in this growth sector, Careerpilot created a short lesson to introduce green jobs, 12 ‘Green Hot Jobs’ posters to promote green careers and 6 x 20 minute tutor activity to accompany them. 

The 20 minute lesson introduces green jobs and how to find them on Careerpilot.

The posters help students find out top-line information about the job and the 20 minute tutor activities help students get into the detail of a job through: 

  • Looking at the job profile on Careerpilot
  • Watching a short video
  • Completing group or paired activities 

Access resources here

Other support for preparing students to thrive in the future net zero labour market.

Check out the Sustainable Futures Programme developed by Villiers Park, Founders4Schools and WWF-UK, for a free course programme that addresses the urgent need to prepare young people for the future job market