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Your choices at 16

Work or voluntary work route

Until the age of 18 you have to stay in some form of education but you can choose from a range of options:

  • Full-time education, such as school or college.
  • An apprenticeship.
  • Part-time education or training if you are employed or self-employed for 20 hours or more a week.
  • Part-time education or training plus volunteering for 20 hours or more a week.

If you do choose the work/voluntary work route, this will involve you working towards a nationally recognised qualification as well as being employed, self-employed or volunteering for 20 hours or more a week.

If this is of interest to you then you need to discuss this option with your teachers, tutors, careers advisers, parents and carers to ensure this route will:

  • meet your needs, both now and in the future;
  • give you opportunities for future employment;
  • ensure you have options for further training later.

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