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Y9: Start here

Why do it? The following activities will help you think about your skills, the subjects you like and which jobs they could lead on to. This will help when you are choosing your options.

 1. Register or sign in on Careerpilot and you can save all your choices until you are 21

2: Go to 'Start with you' (on home page) and choose Start with a subject to explore subjects you love and explore where they might lead.

3: If choosing GCSEs, go to Explore your options and look at Choices at 13/14 and the GCSE section to find out more about your options.

4: Do the Skills Profile (if you haven't done it before) and find out what skills you have used already or add more of your own examples if you have completed the Skills Profile before.

5. If you have time explore some of the other tools in the Jobs area.

To save or view your choices and results you must sign in or register (takes 1 minute).

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