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Help with revision

As you approach your GCSEs and A level exams it is useful to have a number of different strategies for revising. Some people like making mind maps, whilst others like making quizzes. Working your way through past papers is the best way to prepare for your exams, alongside organising your revision time into a timetable and sharing your learning with others. 

There are lots of useful websites and apps around that can help you at these key times:

Revision websites we like:


BBC Bitesize



Yojana will show you exactly what you need to do between now and exams to secure top grades - for both GCSE or A-Level exams

Exam boards to access past papers



Edexcel / Pearson


Useful apps

The adapt app is a good way to organise your time and structure your revision.

The quizlet app is a good way to make quizzes & flashcards to test your knowledge

The Seneca learning tool is another app that can support your revision

Don't forget you need to make time for yourself and relax - try the headspace app.

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