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Quick career activities

Quick Careers - 20 minute activities for every year group

It is sometimes hard to fit in time to give students access to computers so they can spend time using Careerpilot to explore themselves and their future career options, but this is an important part of student's lives and gives context to their curriculum work and helps them know themselves, their options and helps them plan for successful futures.

Quick Careers - offers 2 x 20 minute sessions (or homework) for every year group - designed to be done in April to July when there might be more time available.

Students will need access to - they can use a PC, tablet or phone.

Each session is about 20 minutes long and suggests activities that are appropriate to that age group and what they need to be doing to keep their career planning on track. 

Each activity has suggested questions students can be asked at the end of each session and shows how reports in the Careerpilot Reporting Tool can be accessed to get group reports showing the student's choices. To access reports staff need an admin login to the Reporting Zone. 

To find out more about how to set up access to the Adviser and Reporting Zones:  Or you could check whether your school already has access and how to get a login.

Download the Quick Careers resources