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Market researcher

Market researchers interview people to find out what they think about products, services or issues.

Annual Salary

£14,000 to £24,000

Average UK salary in 2018 was £29,588 (source Office for Statistics)

Working hours


Future employment

There will be 6% more Market researcher jobs in 2023.
In your local area

What's it all about?

You could work for advertising agencies, businesses of all kinds or charities.

You'll usually attend an information session (briefing) before each project.

Your day-to-day duties may include:

  • going up to people in the street, phoning them or visiting them at home
  • persuading people to take part in a survey
  • asking people questions and possibly video them
  • recording people’s answers
  • organising the results and passing them to your supervisor

There are no set requirements. Customer service experience or a course in customer service could help you get a job.

You could get into this job through an apprenticeship.

£14,000 to £24,000

Starter salary: £14,000 to £17,000

Experienced salary: £18,000 to £24,000 (field supervisor)

You could be paid by the hour, the day or get a salary.

You may get bonus payments and expenses for travel.

These figures are a guide.


You'll usually work 6 hours a day. Part time and temporary work are common. You may work evenings and weekends.

You could be a telephone interviewer, working in a call centre or at home. Or you may interview people in the street, in shopping centres or in their homes.

You may need a car to travel.

With experience, you could become a supervisor or area fieldwork manager. You could also become a research assistant in a market research agency or social research organisation.

Skills required and how your skills match up

What skills are required?

You'll need:

  • IT skills
  • maths skills
  • the ability to record information accurately
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