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Your choices at 18

Work with training/study

When you have finished school, sixth form or college you might want to start work, rather than stay in full-time education. Although, with the pandemic, there are lots of young people who are struggling to find a job, there are still job sectors that are doing really well. There are opportunities out there but the job market can be competitive. 

If you are job hunting then try and find out what training the company offers and what the opportunities might be for promotion in the future.

Try to get a job you can combine with training (leading to a nationally recognised qualification) as this will enable you to continue learning as you work. This could mean that you will have more job satisfaction as you develop and use higher skills and could also mean you get more pay in the future.

Follow this link to the work and learn section to find out more about your choices.

Look at the information on job sectors in Careerpilot - there are lots of 'Useful Links' to sites which can help you find a job.

Watch this video about using social media to find a new job.

Take a look at a  beginner's guide to job hunting using social media.

Careerpilot has over 1000 great videos showing people talking about lots of different job roles and the courses they took to get them.

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