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Y 7: Start here

Why do it? These activities will get your careers research started. Find out about your personality and what jobs would suit you and look at some jobs in more detail

 1. Register or sign in on Careerpilot and you can save all your choices until you are 21

2. Go to 'Start with me' (on home page) choose Quizzes and complete the I Could quiz. What animal are you? 

3. Go to Jobs and explore some of the suggested job sectors from the I Could quiz.

4. Explore job profiles and find out different salaries of two or three and the different entry requirements.

5. Select two job sectors you might be interested in and add to My Job Sectors (you can change these at any time)

6. If you have time explore some of the other tools in the Jobs area.

To save or view your choices and results you must sign in or register (takes 1 minute).

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