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College:Vocational Year 1

1. Register or sign in on Careerpilot and you can save all your choices until you are 21. If you registered last year (maybe at a school) use the email address and password you used last year and then change your details in your account (top right of home page).

2.Go to My qualifications and add actual grades for your GCSEs. Add the post 16 subjects you are studying.

3. Revisit  My job sectors, explore the job sector related to your vocational course, including Getting in and Useful Links. Explore job profiles in your vocational area and look at entry requirements. Update My Job Sectors if things have changed.

4. Look at Choices at 18 and bookmark the ones you are considering.

5. Explore the HE at 18+ section if this is of interest, book open days look at decide which course and then find and compare.

6. Explore the apprenticeships section, including higher and degree.

7. Explore Find a Provider - in the South of England and national. In list view tag any of interest.

8. Complete the Post 16 Skills Map quiz and add your own examples to your skills bank (useful for applications and personal statements). Use the 'courses and jobs' tab to plan your application.

To save or view your choices and results you must sign in or register (takes 1 minute).

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