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Resources for subject teachers - Gatsby Benchmark 4

Free set of 21 subject posters with pathways and jobs

New resources linking subjects to careers

Careerpilot recently teamed up with Next Steps South West to create a set of posters and interactive PDFs that show where an interest in a subject might lead in the future, including examples of related careers, post 16 and 18 courses and apprenticeships.

How a school/college could use the resources:

The 21 x A3, print-in-school subject posters can be displayed in the relevant subject classrooms, which will inspire students to see where the subject could lead in the future, and will also support Gatsby 4: Linking curriculum with careers.

The PDF versions of the posters could also be used by subject teachers in lessons to click through to additional information on the Careerpilot, one-stop careers platform, which will give more details of some of the pathways or jobs students could go onto, from that subject.

The PDF posters could also be uploaded to a school/college’s own website so that students can explore the links to the additional information themselves, or be shared with parents, perhaps through newsletters with a different subject shown in each newsletter.

To receive a link to the Posters and PDF's please complete the online request form here