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FREE training for schools and colleges

By webinar

Introduction to Careerpilot: for school/college/Uni Connect staff who are new to Careerpilot and want to find out more


1st April 21 - 3.30pm -4.15pm

11th May 21 - 3.30pm -4.15pm

9th Jun 21 - 3.30pm -4.15pm

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Getting started with Careerpilot: A hands-on, interactive session to explore where to start, what to use and how to access  data.


29th April - 3.30pm -4.45pm

5th May 21 - 3.30pm -4.45pm

17th June 21 -3.30pm - 4.45pm

6th July 21 - 3.30pm - 4.45pm

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Careers Leaders: Using the Careerpilot web tools to support your role


19 May 3.30pm  -4.15pm

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Find out more about using the Reporting Zone

18th May 21 - 3.30pm - 4.30pm 

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Using Careerpilot as a Careers Guidance Adviser: Find out how you can use Careerpilot to prepare for your guidance sessions: 

27th May 21- 3.30pm - 4.30pm 

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Introduction to the Careerpilot Pathway Planner - a new triage tool allowing you to prioritise personal guidance


25th May 21 - 3.30pm-4.15pm

15th June 21 -3.30pm-4.15pm

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Free individualised support sessions available:

Through a one-to-one, one-hour consultation, in your school/college or by webinar.

A Career Leader can request a free Careerpilot consultation.  A Careerpilot team member will explain: the site and how it will support your students, staff and parents; Gatsby and the role of the Career Leader; and help you set up a plan to implement Careerpilot in your context. The session will also be an opportunity for Career Leaders to view the whole suite of resources for PSHE, subject teachers and parents.

Request a Career Leader consultation by emailing

*Career Leader Consultations are free to all schools and colleges in the Careerpilot area or to those schools paying direct subscriptions, who are out of area. The Careerpilot free-to-use area is the whole of the SW and some of the SE and includes any school/colleges in any of the following Uni Connect areas - Future Quest, Study Higher, SUN, GROWS, WIN and Next Steps SW

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