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Free encounters with universities - Gatsby Benchmark 7

Oxford Brookes University

Outreach Hub 

University can seem daunting - whether you’re getting ready to apply or you’ve never thought about it as an option. Take a look at the pages below to find more about how we can support students in thinking through their future options and gaining the information, skills, and experiences that will help them to progress onto university.

You can also visit our Outreach Hub page here


This year we have two opportunities for Year 8, Year 9 and Year 10 students to engage with university.

Year 8 / Year 9 GCSE Decision Workshop

The GCSE decision workshop has been revamped for 2020/21, and is designed to coincide with students making their option choices for GCSEs, delivered at a convenient time to schools.

We can deliver the GCSE Workshop pre-recorded, live via a virtual platform or in-person following covid-secure measures.

Find out more about this here 

Year 10 Study Conference

This year, the Year 10 Study Conference will be a mix of recorded subject sessions and live delivery, which will include a live and bespoke study skills session for your students provided by MADE training, and the opportunity for your students to ask questions to current university students at the end of the day. 

The activities are designed so that schools can either come off timetable for a whole day, or you can access the resources at your own speed across a two week window. 

Find out more about this here 

The BIG Exploration 

Made for curious minds in Year 5 and 6, The Big Exploration is a 6 week project exploring the research skills that are a really big part of studying at university. 

Along the way, participants will find out more about what it’s like to go to university and learn about some of the different subjects and topics you can learn about. 

There will also be the chance to do an original piece of research!

Find out more about this here


This year we also have a range of opportunities for post-16 students to engage with university.

Brookes Engage 

Brookes Engage is an exciting programme of free activities and events designed to help you learn more about university, and prepare for your future career.

Besides having lots of fun and making some new friends, you'll gain a lot of skills which will really help to give you the leading edge when it comes to applying for university and for jobs.

Applications for 2021/2022 are now closed, however, please do get in touch at if you would like to find out more! 

Discover Brookes Programme

Are you in your first year of sixth form or college? Do you want to learn more about your future educational options, and get a taste of what university life is like? Oxford Brookes are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new Discover Brookes Programme, which will be perfect for you!

Applications for 2021 are now closed, however, please do get in touch at if you would like to find out more! 

Virtual Subject Taster Sessions

Do you want to explore your degree options at university? We've got some fantastic Virtual Subject Taster Sessions aimed at first year sixth form and college students, to give you an interactive experience of a broad range of different subjects. They are accessible on a smartphone as well as a laptop or tablet. You can have a go at filming a stop motion animation, explore dystopian themes in literature, and use a virtual lab to explore human anatomy, to name a few - or you can try them all!

If there are any other subjects you'd be interested in trying, please email and we'll see if we can help you! 

Transition Mentoring

Year 13s, 2nd year college students and students who have studied an Access to HE course, who have been made an offer to study with us & who have chosen Oxford Brookes as their first choice University, and who come from a Widening Participation background.

We work to raise aspirations and educational attainment among prospective students from underrepresented groups, to:

  • prepare them for higher education

  • ensure success on their programme of study

  • improve their employment prospects

  • open possibilities for postgraduate study

  • give them opportunities to return to learning throughout their lives

Find out more about this here

Talks in Schools & Colleges 

Our presentations for Year 11-13 students last between 20 and 60 minutes and cover a range of topics. 

We can deliver each one of these presentations pre-recorded, live via a virtual platform or in-person following covid-secure measures. 

Find out more about this here

Study Higher Progression Pathways

We are also working collaboratively with Study Higher to offer Progression Pathways: a free virtual webinar series for level 3 students, covering Introduction to Higher Education, Choosing a Course and Student Life!

Whether they are unsure of their next steps or would just like to know more information, this series will give them a better idea of what higher education involves. 

Find out more about this here