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Free encounters with universities - Gatsby Benchmark 7

Falmouth University

Falmouth University

Falmouth University has a history of more than 100 years of creative thinking and design innovation.

Established in 1902 as Falmouth School of Art, it has grown over a century to become a digital innovation hub. Today, its portfolio of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, across its Falmouth and Penryn campuses, represents the breadth of the creative industries. Now, as we face the fourth industrial revolution; as technology provides great opportunities as well as challenges, it’s clear that Falmouth’s specialisms of creative innovation; creative thinking, problem solving, communication and storytelling, will be key to future economic and cultural success both at a local and global level. This is already evident in its standing in the Princeton Review: Falmouth is in the Top 25 undergraduate schools in the world for Game Design (2nd in Europe).

As well as the courses that are delivered on-campus in Cornwall, Falmouth also provides groundbreaking online distance learning and exciting collaborative partnerships with industry-leading bodies including WaterBear in Brighton and the Fashion Retail Academy in London.

Our Outreach Offer

At Falmouth, we believe that the earlier young people have access to university, the better position they are in to make informed choices about their future. Our programme of progressive activities, each linked to the Gatsby Benchmarks for Year 7 and above, is organised in key elements of the creative journey: preparation – incubation – illumination – completion. These come under three key areas:

Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG)

We run interactive sessions, designed give students all the necessary information they need to know when considering continuing into Higher Education. These sessions cover three themes: Journey to University; Money and Finance; and the World of Work.

Campus Visits

Visits to our Penryn and Falmouth campuses offer exciting opportunities to see how university can differ from school through tours of our facilities and through workshops.

Workshops and Curriculum Support

Designed with academics and students, we offer a wide range of workshops that can delivered in school or on campus. These vary from course-based activities to bespoke curriculum support for schools.

We aim to build unique relationships with our partner schools and will work with you to understand the individual priorities and challenges facing your institution and students. We are happy to build a bespoke outreach offer that suits each school or college. 


As well as our outreach offer, we also run activities designed to raise attainment and support creativity.

BOOKS AND STORIES A 10 week reading programme for Years 7 and 8, designed to increase reading ages.

NATIONAL SATURDAY CLUBS We currently offer an Art & Design, a Fashion & Business, and a Film & Screen Saturday Club. These exciting clubs are for any young person aged between 13 to 16 years of age, run in collaboration with the Saturday Club Trust who co-ordinate clubs across the country. They offer free, practical, creative sessions, on campus each Saturday morning, term time, for a whole academic year. The end of the club year culminates in a fully funded London visit, where the UK club members work is showcased.  


Supporting students to visit us for Open Days or attend interviews at one of our campuses. Financially supporting schools and colleges to visit us at our Falmouth and Penryn Campuses.


Information, advice and guidance available for staff, students, parents and carers to improve understanding of higher education opportunities and pathways.


Challenging the stereotypical thinking around creative careers; providing portfolio guidance and interview information, advice and support.

Contact Us

For more information please visit our WP and outreach page, or to book any activities please contact us at

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