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Southampton Solent University


The courses we provide cover a huge range of specialisms, and we are proud of the multidisciplinary approach taken by our students. Fashion designers work with engineers. Musicians work with game designers. Writers work with marketers. Bringing people together in this way enriches the experience for everyone, and emulates the way that work gets done in the real world.

Course areas include:

Courses are available at all levels of higher education. Foundation courses are the ideal way to prepare for study at degree level. Postgraduate courses are the next step for those who have already completed a three-year degree. Coaching and professional courses are perfect for those who want to take the next step in their career.

The thing that all our courses have in common is their focus on producing graduates who can step into the world of work with confidence. Got a question? Don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can reach us via email, or speak to us over the phone on 023 8201 5066.

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