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What is Clearing and Adjustment?

Once your son/daughter has applied to university there are a number of processes that take place. If they achieve the results they needed for their first choice course then they will automatically go to that university / college. However, things get a little more complicated when they don't quite achieve high enough grades for their firm choice or achieve much better results than anticipated.


Clearing is the UCAS service that allows students to find suitable courses if they:

  • failed to secure any offers during the application stage
  • applied late (after 30th June)
  • didn't get the grades for their firm or insurance offers.

It's available from July to September

For students who apply late they still have to register and fill out an application form as normal, whilst students who have already applied but who have not secured a place at university do not. Their application will automatically enter the clearing process.

UCAS will send information to students about clearing. The aim is for students to find suitable vacancies at institutions that interest them by contacting them directly. This is usually done either on A level results day or in the first few days following results day.

It is important that students do their research and seek advice, rather than panicking and potentially choosing the wrong course / institution for them.

Guide to Clearing


Adjustment is the process by which students can search for alternative courses if they have exceeded the conditions for their firm choice, usually by achieving better exam results than they were expecting.

It is available from A level results day until 31st August and is entirely optional. Many competitive courses will have filled up, but some spaces may have become available due to other applicants failing to meet the grades or choosing to study elsewhere.

Your son / daughter will need to register for Adjustment on results day via UCAS Track and then contact univesrities / colleges directly to see if any places are available on their preferred course. If they accept a place at a new institution or onto a different course then their application will be updated and they will forfeit their place at the original institution. Therefore, they have to be 100% sure that this is the correct decision for them.

Whilst they are looking for alternative courses via Adjustment their original choice is kept safe and will stay their firm option unless a different course is accepted.

How to use Adjustment

Direct Contact Service

UCAS has a direct contact service that is designed to help sudents find a university or college place if things don't go to plan.

If your son / daughter failed to secure any offers in their application or if they are eligible for clearing universities and colleges can contact them if they think that they have a vacancy on a suitable course.

UCAS will send an email out to those students who are eligible to sign up to the Direct Contact Service.

Please note - not all universities and colleges will use this service

For more information on the Direct Contact Service click on this link

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