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Choices at 16

What changes have been made to the GCSE grades?

In recent years the Government has changed GCSEs to make them more challenging - they think this will help young people to be better prepared for further academic or vocational study, or for work.

The new GCSEs have new content and are structured, assessed and graded differently from the previous versions.

In addition to the changes to the content of GCSEs, a different approach to assessment has been introduced…

  • New GCSEs use the numbers 1 to 9 to identify levels of performance, with 9 being the top grade (old GCSEs used letters with A* being the best)
  • Exams are the main method of assessment and course content is not divided into modules
  • Exams are taken at the end of the 2 year course in May or June
  • There are fewer short-answer and more essay-style exam questions

There is more information about these changes in the Choices at 14 section in Careerpilot

This video from OFQUAL helps to explain the changes futher:

New GCSE grades explained

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