Getting in

Do you enjoy practical work and fixing things? Can you stay calm under pressure? 

Do you like solving practical problems?

Then a career in maintenance might be for you.

Key facts

  • Engineering and maintenance have an image problem – young people often mistakenly see them as ‘grimy’ professions linked with old fashioned hard industry. But increasing investment and development of technology means you can often be working in an exciting, modern and well-equipped environment.
  • Maintenance jobs are often called 'technicians'.

Routes into this sector

There are various types of qualifications available at different levels.

There are jobs in this sector which require few qualifications to start where you will receive training on the job through an apprenticeship or vocational course at a college, but some jobs you will need a HND, foundation degree, or degree, for example to do civil engineering.

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More help finding courses and training

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