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Are you interested in living and working by the sea?

Can you see yourself being part of the UK's vast fishing industry?

If so, then a job in a fishing related career could be for you!

Key facts

  • In 2017 97% of households in Great Britain bought seafood, with their total purchases estimated to be worth around £6.61bn which is 4.7% more than the previous year.
  • In 2016 the UK sea fish processing industry provided around 13,554 full-time jobs across 307 units. The industry is consolidating with the number of sites reducing and average employment per site increasing over the last five years.
  • The top four export markets are: France, U.S.A., Spain and the Irish Republic.

Routes into this sector

There are various types of qualifications available at different levels.

There are jobs in this sector where you can start with few qualifications and receive training on the job through an apprenticeship and others where a higher level qualification could be useful.

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