Being an apprentice

You study alongside work

You could spend some time away from the workplace at a local learning provider learning the theory behind your job or your theory learning could be delivered entirely in your workplace in a quiet area away from your normal workstation. You’ll then get the opportunity to put this knowledge into practice when you go back into your job. On some courses, you might spend one day a week attending a learning provider or you might attend for a few days in a row to complete a block of training. During this training you could meet lots of other apprentices, so you'll be able to share experiences along the way. You will need to make sure you are managing your work and studies. This means you'll be developing your organisational and time management skills alongside your work skills.

You can have a look at this short film to find out more about apprentices experiences here in the South of England.

The apprentice & boss job swap - Pendennis Shipyard

YouTube Videos - being an apprentice

View YouTube videos all about apprentices' experiences

 Mentoring for apprentices

If you would like to talk to someone who has ‘been there and done it’ then why not use Horsesmouth the online mentoring and coaching facility set up by the National Apprenticeship Service. It is free to use, open to anyone over 16 years old and users of the site are anonymous.

There are a range of mentors online who have different experiences and backgrounds. They are both current and former apprentices. You can view each mentors profile and then decide which mentor would be able to give you the best advice.

Access the mentoring facility here »