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I definitely know what job I want to do

It's great that you know what job you want to do in the future, now find out all you can about it by following the links below. 

But remember: research shows that most young people will have 10 jobs by the time they are 42, so be prepared to be flexible and ready to make a change. Knowing the skills you have can help as you can take these into any job. 

Finding the information to help

  • Find out all you can about the job or career that interests you. In Careerpilot you will find information about a range of job sectors and Job Profiles to help you.
  • Think about the job or career itself – what it offers, the qualifications and skills that you need and how the job market in that sector is doing. You can check out how jobs are predicted to grow by trying the Careerometer or looking at the job growth section.
  • Ask your school/college if they provide career software programmes you can use to help you research. You can also find more information in 'Where to look for further information on jobs and careers.'
  • Do the Pre-16 Skills Map or Post 16 Skills Map in the Career Tools. You will be able to see what skills you have in the Skills Bank and you can also see your skills against the skills required in a job in any job profile.  Do you see any gaps? How can you fill them? What qualifications or training do you need?
  • It’s always worth discussing your plans with someone. This could be a parent/carer, teacher, tutor or a careers adviser. You can access an adviser through the National Careers Service for Young People.
  • Remember it is always worth having a look at more than one job and more than one job sector, just in case your first idea doesn’t work out.

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