What is it?

Technical Level qualifications (Tech Levels):

They lead to recognised occupations, for example in engineering, IT, accounting or professional cookery.

Many Higher Education Institutions have also pledged support for Tech Levels.

Technical Baccalaureate

Students who take one or more Tech Levels, a Maths qualification at Level 3 and undertake an Extended Project can achieve the Technical Baccalaureate.

They are currently available in the areas of...

Where could I study?

They are available for first teaching from September 2016. Schools and colleges can offer these qualifications and they will count on Department of Education performance tables for 2017. 

Who are they for?

They are for students wishing to specialise in a technical occupation or occupational group. Technical Level qualifications (Tech Levels) are for 16-year-old students who have a clear idea about the occupation they wish to pursue. They are vocational courses and aim to equip students with the specialist knowledge they will need to for a specific occupation.

After the course:

Tech Level qualifications are Level 3, equivalent in level to A Levels. They can be used for entry to some higher education courses, Higher Apprenticeships, work, etc.