Subject specific resources : link curriculum to careers (G4)

NEW! - Subject specific resources for subject staff to help meet Gatsby 4

We have recently developed a set of suggested activities to help subject teachers use Careerpilot to incorporate careers into their lessons and help schools to meet Gatsby 4 - Linking careers to the curriculum.

Each activity sheet links with a curriculum theme and the activities take no longer than 20 minutes.

KS4 Booklet

In addition to the 5 available below, there is a booklet containing 23 subject-specific activity sheets. If you are a school/college in the Careerpilot region (South of England) or subscribe to Careerpilot you can request a free download of the whole pack here.

If you are not a current subscriber and would like to know more.

Further Support

Further support for linking careers to the curriculum, particularly in STEM subjects can be found by completing the free online course (MOOC) via Future Learn - Click here for more information


Download: Biology activities linked to jobs in the biotech industry


Download: Chemistry activities linked to jobs in the chemical industry

Computer Science

Download: Computer Science activities linked to jobs in the cyber security industry


Download: Maths activities linked to jobs related to maths


Download: Physics activities linked to jobs in the space industry