Presentations to use with students

Presentations for short introduction to Careerpilot for different year groups

To teachers, advisers, etc.

Please find below presentations (with summary notes) which you can use when delivering a session explaining what a specific year group of students could do on Careerpilot. 

The presentations suggest different tasks depending on the age and decisions stage of the students e.g. Y7 might explore job sectors whereas Y10 might use the site to prepare for work experience. The presentations assume students will have some access to a computer (or this could be set for homework).  

All presentations are intended to be delivered to a tutor/other group of students in a 50 minute to one hour session (they could be adapted for use in assembly with a follow-up homework task) and include:

  • An engaging quiz question start;
  • Explanation of some of the key tasks they will do that are useful for their age;
  • Explanation of how to sign in (if registered before) or register (if new) as without this they cannot save choices;
  • Directing students to the list of suggested starter tasks in 'Start Here' activities for different year groups', which are accessed on the home page. 
  • A mop up and feedback short task at the end.

It will take students varying times to complete the 'Start Here' activities depending on what they are looking for. 

If there is time they could also have a general explore of the site but they should be encouraged to complete the suggested 'Start Here' activities as then their choices can be viewed in the Reporting Zone (click her to apply for free access). This information will also provide starter information to a guidance adviser. 

The presentations are intended to be delivered by tutors/PSHE staff/others who might not know Careerpilot in detail. The notes tell them what to say and do. 

Remembering passwords is a challenge for many students, this user guide explains how staff can help students who have forgotten their password/email address. It should be made available to all staff delivering Careerpilot computer sessions.  

Please adapt, edit, use in whatever way suits your needs.

To view the presentations and the accompanying notes you will need to download and save them.

We would love to have your feedback about the presentations which you can do by emailing us at

Key stage 3

Download: Presentation for Y7 students to show them how Careerpilot can be used to research jobs and careers (2019)

Download: Presentation for Y8 students to show them how Careerpilot can be used to research jobs and related subjects (2019)

Download: Presentation for Y8 / Y9 students to show how Careerpilot can help with choosing their options (2019)

Key stage 4

Download: Presentation for Y10 students to show how Careerpilot can be used to research post 16 options (2019)

Download a presentation you can give to Y11 showing them how Careerpilot can help them make post 16 and career choices (2019)


Download: Presentation for Y12 students to show how Careerpilot can be used to help choose post 18 options (2019)

Worksheets and lesson plan for hands-on sessions:

In the Adviser Zone section you will find worksheets/lesson plans, etc. for different year groups to use either in school or as a homework activity.