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Level 6 diploma

Want to do the L6 Diploma in Careers Guidance?

The Careerpilot Team at the University of Bath is, in conjunction with an external company Always Consult, offering the OCR Level 6 Diploma in Careers Guidance and Development course.

We are recruiting now for a new course that will start on June 23rd 2021, with a second (optional) start date of September 9th - this course will be delivered online.

if you are interested then please contact Sue Lewis by email -

Find out all you need to know about doing the Level 6 with the Careerpilot Team by downloading our brochure

Download our Level 6 Brochure

Summary of what's involved:

The course is a combination of taught sessions (one every fortnight online for 3 hours), individual mentoring and observation from a qualified adviser (15 hours), written assignments (which the attendee will need to do in their own time), and a final assessed observation from our external assessor.

All taught sessions will take place online through Teams. 

How long does it take?

The time varies between attendees but on average, with the required observation, most people complete within 9 - 12 months. If, however, you need longer then you have up to 18 months to complete the course.

What's required?

The attendee will need to have students they can provide guidance to so that they can apply the learning from the course. Some units will be assessed through recorded or live observations. Attendees will require one day a week,  which will enable you to attend the taught sessions, peer support session and have time to practice your guidance skills and be assessed.

The attendee will be required to complete the following units: 

If an attendee already has achieved the three units required for the Career Leader training then these can be submitted instead of the optional units.

User feedback

Adrian Pitt, Lead Assessor for Always Consult Ltd commented:

“Working collaboratively with the Western Vocational Progression Consortium at the University of Bath on the OCR Level 6 Diploma in Career Guidance and Development has been fantastic! The team has developed a model of delivery that is spot on, with just the right balance of theory and practical elements in the way of workshops, online assessments, observations, webinars, case studies and professional discussions. The staff undertaking the Diploma have produced some outstanding evidence. Their commitment and enthusiasm for the qualification has really shone through in the work they’ve submitted.

“I can honestly say that each and every member of staff has benefited from the programme. Their feedback has been tremendous and the qualification has definitely had an impact on them, which, in turn, leads to improved outcomes for their organisation and, more importantly, their clients.”