Key stage 3: resources and presentations

Year 9 Resources

All of the following resources can be downloaded and used for free with students - some are starter activities and will take between 10-15 mins.

Other resources are designed to take up the majority of the lesson and will take a minimum of 30 minutes to complete.

Year 9 Resources

Activity 2.1 - Qualifications Wordsearch - 15 mins

Students complete the wordsearch by finding the qualifications and then try to join up the correct qualification with the correct level

Download Activity 2.1 - Qualifications Wordsearch

Activity 2.2 - Using Careerpilot to research different qualifications - 30 mins

Students use Careerpilot to find out more about different qualifications

Download Activity 2.2 - Using Careerpilot to research qualifications

Activity 2.3 - A-Z of subjects - 15 mins

Students complete the A-Z list of subjects

Download Activity 2.3 - A-Z of subjects

Activity 3.1 - Job Sector Marketing Research - 30 mins

Students research different jobs and how they are marketed and portrayed in the media

Download Activity 3.1 - Job Sector Marketing Research

Activity 4.1 - Choosing your KS4 Options - 30 mins

Students find out more about the different Level 2 qualifications and record the subjects that they are thinking of doing in Year 10

Download Activity 4.1 - Choosing your KS4 Options

Activity 4.2 - Interviewing an adult - 15 mins or Homework Activity

Students design some questions that they can use to interview an adult about their decisions. Alternatively the pre prepared question sheet could be set as a Homework Task

Download Activity 4.2 - Interviewing an adult

Activity 5.1 - Careerpilot Quiz - 30 mins

Students use Careerpilot to find out the answers to the quiz

Download Activity 5.1 - Careerpilot Quiz