Key stage 3: resources and presentations

Year 8 Resources

All of the following resources can be downloaded and used for free with students - some are starter activities and will take between 10-15 mins.

Other resources are designed to take up the majority of the lesson and will take a minimum of 30 minutes to complete.

Year 8

Activity 1.1 - Completing a skills profile - 30 mins

Students work through the suggested activities on Careerpilot and fill in the answers to the different tasks

Download Activity 1.1 - Completing a skills profile

Activity 2.1 - Skills and abilities wordsearch - 15 mins

Students complete the wordsearch and once finished try to choose words to describe their own skills

Download Activity 2.1 - Skills and Abilities Wordsearch

Activity 2.2 - Which Job, Which Skills? - 15 - 30 mins

Students research 10 different jobs and the skills that are required for each one (this could be reduced to 5 if used as a tutor activity)

Download Activity 2.2 - Which Job, Which Skills?

Activity 2.3 - A-Z skills quiz - 15 mins

Students try to think of 26 skills / abilities to match each letter of the alphabet

Download: Activity 2.3 - A-Z Skills quiz

Activity 3.1 - Job Adverts - Examples - 15 mins

Students look at 4 different job adverts and try to work out which skills are necessary for each job

Download: Activity 3.1 Job Advert Examples

Activity 3.2 - Job Advert Research Task - 30 mins

Students use 5 different job vacancy sites to look at different types of job adverts and the skills required for each job advertised

Download: Activity 3.2 - Job Advert Raeeserch Task

Activity 4.1 - Knowing your skills and strengths - 30 mins

Students think about the skills that a person they know has and then the skills that they have themselves. They then design a poster or video to sell themselves.

Download Activity 4.1 - Knowing your skills and strengths

Activity 4.2 - Interview an adult about their skills - 15 mins plus possible Homework Task

Students design some interview questions to interview an adult about their skills or complete the worksheet for Homework

Download Activity 4.2 - Interview an adult

Activity 5.1 - Careerpilot Quiz

Students use Careerpilot to answer the quiz questions

Download Activity 5.1 - Careerpilot Quiz

Activity 5.2 - Images that reflect me - 15 mins

Students look at the images on the sheet and see which ones reflect them and see if their friend agrees

Download Activity 5.2 - Images that reflect me