Introducing site to parents/teachers

Presentation to introduce parents to Careerpilot and the Parent Zone

The Careerpilot website will be useful to parents wanting to help their
children make informed decisions about their choices at 14, 16 and 18. 

Careerpilot also has a Parent Zone.

The Parents Zone offers:

  • Answers to career-related questions in a parent/carer friendly way;
  • A fun quiz on the 7 things all parents and carers really need to know e.g when can my child leave school, etc.
  • Video stories from parents whose child is the first in their family to go to university.

Please tell parents about both Careerpilot and the Parent Zone through newsletters, emails and parents evenings.

To help you introduce Careerpilot to parents and carers you will find:

    Download: Presentation for a school / college to give to parents / carers (2019)

    Download: A rolling presentation aimed at parents (less than 2 mins) that could be used on an electronic info board. (2019)