Introducing site to parents/teachers

Email templates to send to students and parents/carers about Careerpilot and the new Parent Zone

Careerpilot is a free site that helps young people plan their future study and work. It is a great resource for young people, their parents/carers and also teachers and tutors, who are advising students about the full range of options.

The Careerpilot Parent Zone is a site that gives parents and carers answers to the career questions they want to ask. Why not send an email to tell students and parents/carers about the sites and help them get the information they need to make the right choices?

Here are links to email templates, with hyperlinks included, ready for you to send now!

Example email template for students

Dear Student

Please find details below of a free careers website for young people in the South of England.

The Careerpilot website aims to provide 13-19 year olds with information on the full range of choices available at 14, 16 and 18, including apprenticeships, college, higher level study, etc.

The website also includes information on twenty two job sectors, links to providers in the South of England and, if you register (which is free, on the home page and takes 1 minute), you can save your choices of job sectors, providers and qualifications in Career Tools. You can also save your results from the Pre-16 Skills Map and Post Skills Map (for post 16 students).

  • In 2017-8 over 350,000 young people used the Careerpilot site
  • 97% of users surveyed say the site was useful

To download in Word click the links below.

Download: Email template to send to students (2019)

Download: Email to send to parents/carers (2019)

Download: Email to send to teachers and tutors (2018)