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Coronavirus latest info for Advisers

Jan 25th 2021: Low Down in Lock Down session - Virtual WEX

The session agenda for the 25.1.21 focused on VWEX:

Recording of the first part of the session

Recording of the second part of the session

What is VWEX, how to make it meaningful, what Careerpilot offers, VWEX at Bristol Uni Biochemistry

KGA School - how they are planning VWEX

Fiona Doughton WECA Career Hub - how they are supporting schools with VWEX

What Springpod offers:

Sam has done a quick screen record so you can see how our virtual work experience programmes appear for students:

To reiterate all of these employer programmes are free, they involve around 10 hours of activity which is spread over 2 weeks so that students can fit the programmes around their schedule. You can see all the programmes that are available here:

The number of students who gain a place on a programme varies, the criteria is set with the employers who fund the programmes, with some having restricted places available. Not all students are guaranteed access to our employer programmes. However we have been working with college groups to create bespoke programmes with guaranteed access for all of their students. These programmes are gated and marketed only to the students within those particular schools and colleges. Working with Springpod in this way helps these institutions achieve the Gatsby benchmarks and in particular benchmarks 1, 2, 5, 6 and where possible, 7.

To discuss setting up programmes with guaranteed access for all of your students, please speak to Alex Rossi (cc’d) who can talk you through the requirements in more detail.