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Career Leaders - How Careerpilot can make your job easier - and help you meet Gatsby!

Careerpilot - One, free (in the SW and some of the SE), award-winning*, careers site for 11-19 year old students, parents, teachers and advisers - designed by career practitioners

Watch a short video overview of Careerpilot and the Pathway Planner

We offer a range of free webinars so you can find out more about Careerpilot and how you can use the site as part of a whole school approach to careers.

Careerpilot - helping students become managers of their own careers

As careers professional we want students to be ready for their future careers. We have a video we use with students to explain the key things they can do to become managers of their own careers.

The Careerpilot site is structured under the three stages of career planning, offering students a process they can return to whenever they are making a career decision. 

Careerpilot as a whole-school career resource

Careerpilot puts the students at the centre of the career programme and provides activities and resources to support schools in delivering effective careers from Y7-Y13.

Staff across the school can be using Careerpilot in a way appropriate to their role.

The information students build in their Career Tools reports will really help career staff, parents and career advisers find out more about what their students are interested in. - which is great for Gatsby 3 - meeting individual needs!

Helping schools to meet the Gatsby Benchmarks

If a school/college is embedding Careerpilot across the school then they will be meeting many of the Gatsby Benchmarks:

Careerpilot is a suite of web tools that includes the Pathway Planner triage model and tool:

Student Zone

Careerpilot provides information and advice about all options for 14, 16 and 18 year olds, including apprenticeshipscollegehigher level study, etc. Students from subscribing schools/colleges can register (straight onto the site) and then access Career Tools, where they can build their careers report.

Career Tool include:

The Career Tools section is where students save their choices, skills and plans and create a great report which will move up with them every year, until they are 20. Teachers can see the report through an admin password for the Reporting Zone

Parent Zone

The Careerpilot Parent Zone helps parents/carers get answers to the career questions they want to ask.

Adviser Zone

Has resources to support delivery and the Gatsby Benchmarks (an admin password is required to access some resources - find out more here) including:

Reporting  Zone

The Reporting Zone is free to subscribing schools or those in the free access area (mostLY SW and some SE) on completion of a Data Sharing Agreementfind out if you are a subscribing school/college in 22-23 (some universities, Uni Connects and Careers Hubs pay for you to access Careerpilot free).

The Reporting Zone enables a Career Leader to:

  • View reports of the choices young people are making;
  • Add actions and comments to a student’s report – which is then also visible to the students

How to get access to Careerpilot:

The site is free to use in the following regions in the South of England, funded through universities, Uni Connects and some Careers Hubs: Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol, North Somerset, South Gloucestershire, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Swindon and Berkshire. 

Schools outside this area can access Careerpilot for a small, annual subscription. 

Check whether your school has a subscription currently in 22-23. Or ask the Helpline if you have a subscription for 23-24

*CDI Award 2018 - For Careers and Employability website