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Careers and Enterprise Company PG Bid

Overview of project

Careerpilot has won a bid from the CEC to support 6 schools in developing a whole-school approach to personal guidance. 

The University of Bath will support six schools to develop an integrated, whole-school model of delivering cost-effective and targeted personal guidance, using the Careerpilot website and associated tools as key resources. All students in the pilot groups will be prepared for personal guidance through Careerpilot online workshops, access one-to-one professional personal guidance of varying intensity determined through a new, electronic Triage Tool and receive follow-up through school-tutor processes. Disadvantaged students will receive the most intensive and sustained personal guidance support. To build expertise within each school one member of staff will receive training and mentoring to achieve the Level 6 Diploma of Careers Guidance and Development. The project will be delivered in 6 schools, across 5 Local Authorities and 2 Career Hubs in the South West of England Area.

The participating schools are:

  • Ashton Park; Bristol
  • Brimsham Green: South Gloucestershire
  • Lydiard Park Academy: Swindon
  • Matravers: Wiltshire
  • Oldfield: Bath and North East Somerset
  • Ralph Allen: Bath and North East Somerset

The Model we will use:

The model we will use to deliver a whole-school approach to delivering personal guidance and will follow a process of:

  • Pre-guidance
  • Triage (new electronic tool in development embedded in Careerpilot)
  • Guidance (at three levels of intensity determined by the Triage Tool).
  • Follow-up through the tutor process.