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WON - Teachers' HE Factsheet Series

Teachers' HE Factsheets - Free to download and print

The Western Outreach Network (WON) have produced a series of factsheets to support teachers / advisers who advise young people when they are applying to Higher Education.

There are four factsheets in the series and these are free to download: 

1. Post 18 Progression Pathways - this factsheet introduces teachers to the main post 18 progression pathways & how work based and vocational pathways can lead to the obtaining of a degree

Download: Post 18 Progression Pathways Factsheet

2. Scholarships and Bursaries - this factsheet gives teachers an introduction to higher education level bursaries and scholarships

Download: Scholarships and bursaries Factsheet

3. UCAS personal statements - this factsheet gives tips on how to guide and support students towards producing their best possible UCAS personal statement

Download: UCAS Personal Statements Factsheet

4. Preparing students for university admissions interviews - This factsheet includes activities that advisers can use to help prepare students for university admissions interviews.

Download: Preparing students for interviews Factsheet